Imperium  Black/Neon Green
Imperium  Black/Neon Green
Imperium  Black/Neon Green

Imperium Black/Neon Green

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The Cut can be tricky for goalkeepers! Some goalkeepers may be torn between negative cut and roll finger!

 HYBRID CUTS have changed the game for goalkeepers stuck in that position!

 The palm is designed with 4mm Quartz latex! Quartz latex is a great "all-around" latex! It demonstrates very good grip in the dry and wet conditions and also shows solid durability. 

The backhand has a raised, rubber “punch-pad” that ensures punches balls clear the 18!

We believe went above and beyond with this glove by adding SILICONE GRIPS on the inside of the glove to ensure EXTRA GRIP!

Sizes 7 & 8 automatically come with FINGERSAVERS! 

Dry Weather: 

Wet Weather:  


This cut glove is a perfect blend of your traditional roll finger and negative cut glove! 

The hybrid cut has morphed two of the most current styles of gloves in todays' game becoming a popular choice for goalkeepers of ALL LEVELS!